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Claire, aged 48
Frozen Shoulder.
"I was delighted with the treatment I received from Hilary. I was in considerable for pain for a long time. After seeing a physiotherapist at the hospital I’d been told really there was nothing they could do, and I would have to just give it time. I had read about the Bowen Technique several times, but thought it would not be available here in Suffolk. So I was delighted when I found out about Hilary. After one treatment I really can say that my shoulder was less painful, and movement greatly improved. When I returned for the second treatment the symptoms were greatly reduced. I am delighted with the results and would not hesitate if needed in the future, if pain or symptoms ever returned. I am now enjoying my old lifestyle and going to the gym regularly, and we are off skiing again in April. All thanks to Bowen!"   (Overall, Claire had 3 sessions)
Natural Healing Centre,  Woodbridge

Lindsey, aged 15yrs  
Asthma/hay fever
  Lindsey had lived with asthma, and it’s limiting effects from about the age of two.  It impacted on her lifestyle (she was unable to have pets, or play sport), and her general wellbeing.  She had 8 treatments in total, and as they progressed she was able to reduce her need for paracetamol, inhalers, and visits to A&E. The treatments started in 2005 and her last one was May 2006.  The improvement was gradual, and by the fourth she felt confident there’d been significant changes. She has now left school and is in full time employment.
Lindsey comments: “Before I attended the Bowen therapy sessions I was waking up each morning feeling unwell with symptoms of a cold and sneezing, due to hay fever and asthma.  I found attending the regular sessions improved my symptoms greatly, and can now control my hayfever and asthma.”
Home Visits, and Natural Healing Centre, Woodbridge 

R, aged 37    Ex footballer, and team coach
Arthritis  R presented with arthritis in both feet, particularly severe in his right foot. They were causing him considerable pain in spite of having been operated on couple of years previously.  The right medial malleolus in particular was still showing trauma and swelling.  Due to the constant pain, R was unable to play sport, and walking was painful, the pain nagged him too at night. 

Initially he had three treatments, a week apart; after the second he was noting a reduction in pain.  There was some reduction in swelling, but not that significant.  
After the first treatment, his left foot swelling and pain subsided, but the right was still painful. He had 3 further treatments and by the third he was playing tennis again, and although there was some pain afterwards, this was far less and improved quicker.
His feet have remained greatly improved since using Bowen, and he is playing golf and tennis again.
Natural Healing Centre, Woodbridge   Hilary Legard

Fiona, aged 35 years
 Fiona initially came with very acute pain from Sciatica, and an ongoing pelvic condition (she was a horse rider amongst other things), it was so intense she was had difficulty getting onto and turning on the treatment-couch.  At this stage she was even sensitive to the gentle Bowen moves. 
The first days following this treatment the pain intensified for a few hours, then the Sciatica subsided, and throughout subsequent Bowen treatments for her other conditions, the Sciatica has remained stable.  The pelvic adjustments at a later stage  helping to maintain this.
She comments:  I literally couldn’t walk, (the day she came for the first treatment) and pain killers didn’t work at all.   It was some seriously good work- what a relief  !!!    
Natural Healing Centre & Ufford Park Spa   Hilary Legard

F.ex NHS nurse, aged 57 years
Frozen Shoulder   F’s pain was experienced largely in the T6 area, right side being more sensitive.  Around fifteen years previously she had received cortisone injections (3) for a frozen shoulder.  The pain had returned on a couple of occasions since then, and she’d seen a chiropractor.  Her first Bowen treatment for this condition was in 2004, and after just two treatments the pain was less, and almost negligible by the third.  In 2006 the pain returned again, though she thought less severe than previously;  after a further two Bowen treatments the shoulder  was pain free.  She has not had a recurrence of the problem (now 2009). 
Natural Healing Centre & Home Visits   Hilary Legard

T, male, aged 8 years
Coordination, erratic sleep patterns  |Y was three and half months premature as a baby; Hilary’s initial consultation was when he was eight years old.
He was a very bright youngster, but with an inability to focus for any length of time, and muscular weakness affecting his coordination and stamina.  In addition he was bed wetting and sleeping was erratic.
His mother although anxious about his health, was constructive in ways such as using Bowen, and co-ordination exercises. 
After the first treatment, during which he played with toys to occupy him, he had a strong reaction developing briefly tonsillitis symptoms.
These had gone by the next session, a week later.  Again he played with toys, but whilst lying down.  For the last 10 minutes he slept.
At the third treatment he chatted a little, then went fast asleep.  This continued to occur during subsequent treatments.  He rested deeply.
Toby had on-going treatment for about 6 months, at 3 weekly intervals or when required .
Five years after his last treatment, (due to my move from London) his mother comments:   At that time Bowen was a significant part of helping Toby’s development, and today he is doing well and achieving success at school.
Home Visits, Queens Park, London NW10   Hilary Legard 

Vertigo, adult female
"Bowen has enabled me to relax and take my problems with IBS and vertigo more rationally day by day. Although not completley disappearing, my symptoms do not now rule my life."
P Salmond

Hilary came to see Is when she was a baby.  Despite being breast fed Is had suffered bronchillitis at three weeks, and was left with permanent colds and chest infections.  She had to have her cot propped up and always seemed to struggle to breathe through the night.  Her nose was perpetually blocked and her cot sheets had mucus on them each morning.  As a result she seemed to be ‘existing’ rather than enjoying life in the way our first child had done.  At this age doctors seemed unable to recommend anything to help her.
The Bowen treatment was gentle and non invasive.  It involved Hilary placing her fingers for a few moments on areas of  I‘s chest, back, (throat and neck). Is  was very relaxed during the session..  After each treatment there was an improvement, although sometimes more than others.  After some sessions she would make a dramatic improvement but this might lapse.  As time went on that I realized that I was having to change her sheets less and less often and that she was sleeping longer and longer during the night.  We continued the treatment until I felt that I had gained enough strength to be able to put up some resistance to the colds and infections herself. 
Is, one year old female child aged 18 months Testimonial from her mother, R.

R   Lower Back Pain     (see above)  On one occasion I had hurt my back lifting Is, and Hilary offered to treat me too.  Again she laid her hands carefully on a place on my lower back.  I could not feel anything at the time but within a few minutes my back loosened up and I was in considerably less pain.  It was great to actually experience something which until now I had only witnessed.

“I discovered the Bowen Technique after nearly two years of absent periods and failed fertility treatment. Initially I was seeking a therapy to help me relax, but got so much more. As well as a deep, meditative relaxation, each session gave me an amazing sensation of energy, moving throughout my body. I felt more relaxed, re-energizd and connected with myself .
I began with a starter course of three weekly sessions, following which my periods returned to a near perfect 28 day cycle. I continued to have a session around the time of each period and after a couple of months I was delighted to find that I was pregnant. Bowen has certainly been a life changing experience for me.”  
Beth  female, aged 31