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How Bowen Can Help   

The Bowen experience is quiet and relaxing.  The Bowen moves are made sequentially over muscles, and soft tissue (fascia).  In between a series of moves there are rest periods in order for the treatment to be absorbed.  It is an holistic treatment (treats the whole body) with no known adverse side effects.  It does not involve any cracking of joints, great pressure or use of needles.

Bowen is suitable for all age groups, from new babies to the very elderly.

A treatment takes about 35-45 minutes.  Some clients report they experienced a degree of pain relief after the first visit, while others find it may take longer. Every client’s response time and degree of result is individual.  However, more frequently it’s during the few days after treatment that people notice reactions; as the body acknowledges and responds to the therapy and begins the realignment process.

Clients sometimes report that the healing process continues for about seven days until treatment is continued. Some clients find that long term relief from chronic and acute pain can sometimes be achieved in three or four visits.


Below is a short video about Bowen Therapy, produced by the Bowen Therapy Professional Association.